Wednesday, August 25, 2010

See Ya Later Phil

It's back to school for Studio 12's summer bartender, Phil Spinelli.

All in all a good summer.... made a few bucks at the Studio & in the catering division of the family empire... home & away visits with GF Sara... catching up with MHS friends... getting his brother Ben to start playing the bass again...hanging out with his family at Lake Hopatcong... and
(my personal favorite) judging this blog as "not stupid".

Have a good year at 'Cuse... see ya at Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8/16/77 - Where Were You 33 Years Ago?

I was 20, home from college washing dishes at the Longhorn Ranch in Concordville, Pa.

During the dinner hour word got out that The King had passed from this world.

The steak house moaned to a halt as the entire posse of young middle-aged cowgirl waitresses wept all over their naugahyde vests. A few fainted.

The managers all freaked out.

Five years later Warren Zevon wrote
Jesus Mentioned.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jazzy Jan Loe is the Godmother of Studio 12

Five years ago, in the afterglow of a Parents Who Rock show that crammed 130 people into & out of Church Street Cafe, a bunch of players - Alma, Ellen (in her soccer uniform), Ben, Ed D., moi & I forget who else (please forgive me) set out to create an open mic here on the second floor. Ben suggested that to make it work we needed a house band. We had some fun trying to grow the gig but, for various reasons, it failed to evolve.

As our fire was flickering out, Jan showed up & organized the remnants of our crusaders & recruited quite a few more. The gig was moved downstairs (Thurs night?), tucked in the front corner of the room between two booths. For months Jan patiently encouraged the varying cast of players until until it basically evolved into a trio - Jan, Carrie & me.

Then one night, Jan didn't show up. Carrie & I looked at each other with (at least for me) expressions of sheer terror. After a minute or two we started playing and didn't stop. Jan had pulled a Johnny Appleseed on us. Now Carrie & I were the house band. The stage was set for all of the music that has flowed from here since then (another story for another day).

Jan, of course, did come back and is a regular player at Studio 12. She currently runs the open mic at Jiggs's Tuesday & Thursday nights.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Adam & Christina

Adam & Not Christina...WTF!

The Baristovationfamous Tim Kennedy

Yesterday Baristanet, the arbiters of all that is worthy in our fair village, chose our good friend Tim Kennedy as the poster boy for an article recounting Adam Turbiner's recent efforts to spread the Gospel of Kaman into the garden spot of the Garden State.

Scribed by that delicious polymath Meg Beattie Patrick, the piece highlights how Adam has been tirelessly schlepping his Ovation guitars to Studio 12 and Tierney's open mics and generously allowing all comers to strum his wares.

Rumor has it that Adam will return tomorrow night, perhaps once again along with the lovely Christina.