Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Summer That Was

What a sleigh ride the past four months have been!  We were hanging around minding our own business on anticipated day off on Tuesday 5/24, when the call came in that the the Honest Dog was in the process of sneaking off.  Cheryl, Gonzalo and I met that afternoon & planned the opening of our new restaurant in two days.  Wedenesday morning, in the shower, Cheryl came up with the name Tapastry.

Wednesday night at Studio 12 we had what turned out to be our pre-opening party
Photo: Erika Bleiberg

(we told everyone that the opening was Friday the 27, but planned & pulled off our quiet opening on Thursday).  Finnegan announced to the crowd that everyone was going to play for free this summer. 

Friday night we opened with our dear friend and Studio 12 mainstay Meg Beattie Patrick kicking off the 2011 Church Street Summer Music-Fest....  Here are a few shots from the summer taken by Michael Reitman, Meg Beattie Patrick & Krystal Migliore:

The Cannon Sessions ~ Relationship Jump

Malcolm Marsden, Andy Sandel, Andrew Klewin, Tim Kennedy,
Dave Cushing, Mo Kelly, Bob Cannon, Mike Ferrara, Greg Spinelli;
Jump photo produced & directed by Michael Reitman

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birthdays Today

September 21 is a big birthday in our family.... Ben Spinelli, Albert Tobin, George Stephen Shaw & Deborah Broder Chatelard

Ben is our son.... say no more... the best!

Albert was Cheryl's cousin (Tammy's brother). He died in a car accident as a teen... very sad.

Steve Shaw, Cheryl & I worked together at the Four Seasons Boston mostly in the banquet department.   Steve & I were roommates when Cheryl & I got together.  He was in our wedding.  Then he moved to NYC a year before us & then, a few years later, he helped us open this damn fool restaurant of ours! Now he's married & lives on the left coast.

Deborah & I worked together at the Essex House, TOG & RTR.  These days she's at Bistro Maison in McMinnville Or.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweater Weather....

.... & Outdoor Music!
Quoth Laura Birdsong.... "Come out to wind down the summer Saturday, September 17 at Tapastry at 12 Church Street in Montclair.  I will be doing my * acoustic *electric * eclectic * thing with original music and tasty covers at 7:00 with a band that will include, but not be limited to, Billy Karcher, Steve Vecchiotti, Bru Rossman, Al Muller and Delaynie Cusick. Our friends, Mingle (Ilsa Rodriguez and Mia Fazio) will be joining us for a special guest set".

Sunday night, Carl Croce, Tom Picard, Greg Spinelli and special guests (maybe you) will be playing out starting around 6:00.

It's gonna be a great weekend of music..... Wear a sweater.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Skits & Giggles Tuesday Night

Tuesday, September 13 at 8pm, Studio 12 presents Skits & Giggles featuring three short plays written by Joel Wechsler, Tim McGough and David Steingart.   

First, a series of short skits by Mr. Wechsler, pointing out the absurdities of our society’s attachment to cellular phones.  Next a serious piece written by Mr. McGough concerning two historical figures – Martin Luther King and Adolph Hitler.  And finally, another comedic piece entitled “Gaddafi in Central Park,” written by Mr. Steingart, that fantasizes about the possibility of Colonel Gaddafi spending a few nights in the great park of New York City. 

The Studio $12 dinner special will be available as well as our full menu.....

...and Wednesday we will be open, as usual, for another night of song and friends.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Passing of a Dear Friend

Words fail to express the shock and sadness at the news of John Finnegan's untimely passing. John was a true friend and inspiration to the local musical community.

Our hearts go out to Maribel, the girls and the family.

Studio 12 will be open tonight as I believe that's what John would have wanted.

Color photos, Raymond Helfrich

Tuesday, September 6, 2011