Monday, September 12, 2011

Skits & Giggles Tuesday Night

Tuesday, September 13 at 8pm, Studio 12 presents Skits & Giggles featuring three short plays written by Joel Wechsler, Tim McGough and David Steingart.   

First, a series of short skits by Mr. Wechsler, pointing out the absurdities of our society’s attachment to cellular phones.  Next a serious piece written by Mr. McGough concerning two historical figures – Martin Luther King and Adolph Hitler.  And finally, another comedic piece entitled “Gaddafi in Central Park,” written by Mr. Steingart, that fantasizes about the possibility of Colonel Gaddafi spending a few nights in the great park of New York City. 

The Studio $12 dinner special will be available as well as our full menu.....

...and Wednesday we will be open, as usual, for another night of song and friends.