Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Summer That Was

What a sleigh ride the past four months have been!  We were hanging around minding our own business on anticipated day off on Tuesday 5/24, when the call came in that the the Honest Dog was in the process of sneaking off.  Cheryl, Gonzalo and I met that afternoon & planned the opening of our new restaurant in two days.  Wedenesday morning, in the shower, Cheryl came up with the name Tapastry.

Wednesday night at Studio 12 we had what turned out to be our pre-opening party
Photo: Erika Bleiberg

(we told everyone that the opening was Friday the 27, but planned & pulled off our quiet opening on Thursday).  Finnegan announced to the crowd that everyone was going to play for free this summer. 

Friday night we opened with our dear friend and Studio 12 mainstay Meg Beattie Patrick kicking off the 2011 Church Street Summer Music-Fest....  Here are a few shots from the summer taken by Michael Reitman, Meg Beattie Patrick & Krystal Migliore:

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