Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Studio 12 Cubed

 12/12/12.... reminds me of fo', fo', fo' (turned out to be fo', fi', fo').

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Flamenca Romeria

Romeria Flamenca (Flamenco Pilgrims) perform every Friday at 7:30 & 9:15... photos taken 10/26/12 by Michael Reitman.
Willa Bronce

Romeria Flamenca

Reynaldo Rincon

Willa Bronce & Reynaldo Rincon

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Party!

Wednesday Night, 8pm, at Studio 12 Open Mic
Prizes for Best Costumes!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The GINA Foundation presents the International Squeaky Wheel Tour at Studio 12 Tonight

Jannel Rap

The Squeaky Wheel Tour® is an annual, internationally acclaimed concert series created by the GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation, which raises awareness for the staggering number of people who vanish every year. The GINA FOUNDation and subsequently the Squeaky Wheel® Tour was created by Jannel Rap in honor of her sister, Gina Bos. Both musicians, Gina mysteriously disappeared from Lincoln, Nebraska 12 years ago on October 17, 2000 after a performance. Her car was found the next day with her guitar in the trunk, but there was no sign of Gina. She has never been seen again. Jannel realized during her attempts to find her own sister that so many families were facing the same hurdles - their loved ones simply vanishing with little or no drama to gain the much-needed, ongoing attention and interest of the media for the disappearance of that person. Jannel had to do something to change that. In 2001, she launched the SWT® and GINA FOUNDation. More than 1,100 missing persons featured in the various events and programs of GINA have been found because of the collective efforts of cooperating nonprofits, law enforcement, artists, families of the missing and the media that support this much needed work. The Squeaky Wheel® Tour brings awareness to the missing. The public supporting the events are the critical factor that helps to bring the tips in for law enforcement to assist in finding the missing.

Families of the missing not only suffer the loss of their loved ones and financial, emotional and mental hardships, but they find it difficult or next to impossible to gain media attention when there is nothing new in their loved one’s case. The Squeaky Wheel® Tour’s effort helps to bridge the gap by partnering with artists and nonprofits world-wide to bring local attention to local missing. Please join us in this effort to help the families.

Artists and entertainers that have contributed to GINA/SWT include Maroon 5, Karen Black,Gloria Loring, Little Feat, Barry Zito, Richie McDonald, Los Angeles Sparks Basketball, Meatloaf, Ted Lange and countless indie artists. In Canada, the band Conscience has joined the SWT® as well as Canadian Icon Bif Naked and celebrated Cellist Kiki Mizumi. Joy Smith, a Member of Parliament and outspoken advocate in addressing Canada’s role in the trafficking of humans world-wide is a tour spokesperson along with actresses Tantoo Cardinal and Leah Pinsent.
During the events performers spotlight specific missing persons in the event area, giving details of the events leading up to the disappearance. Attendees may take a flyer to post throughout their community. A more extensive list of the missing in our area may be found at

Monday, September 17, 2012

Autumn "Sweater Series" Music Debuts

The Music on Church Street continues through the Fall at Tapastry's annual Sweater Series concerts.  Come on out with a nice bottle of wine and a sweater and enjoy the cool Autumn nights outdoors on Church Street.... if the weather doesn't cooperate, we'll move it indoors at Tapastry Restaurant.

We will also be presenting a Sunday Acoustic Brunch series hosted by Carl Croce & Tom Picard every Sunday starting at 1pm

Studio 12 continues to be Montclair's favorite players room every Wednesday at 8pm.  As you can see by the pics, the crowd has remains as diverse than ever....
Amy Grannis performing at Studio 12, on break from her duties looking after the guests... (photo Michael Reitman)

Charlie Jones, Gino Phipps & Bruce Tyler will now be appearing on Sundays...

Recent California transplant Mauricio Salazar at Studio 12 (photo by Michael Reitman)

Loly Quezada, the heart of Tapastry Restaurant, preparing our famous Sangria for the thirsty crowd! (photo by Meg Beattie Patrick)

Bob Cannon, Andy Sandel & Billy Karcher (photo by Meg)

Meg Beattie Patrick doin' what she does best!

Micheal Reitman Blues Band (Larry, Micheal, Michael & Jason) performing at Tapastry last week (photo by Meg)

Monday, August 20, 2012

This Week's Line-up

Tonight.... The Church Street Crusaders featuring Charlie Jones, Gino Phipps & Bruce Tyler!

Wednesday night is Studio 12 Open Mic... Here are a coupla shots from last week by Michael Reitman
Angie & her Ukelele

Pit Band 8/15 line-up... Bob McNally, Tom Picard, Dan Duca, Greg Spinelli, Meg Beattie Patrick & Michael Alan Williams

Thursday night marks the triumphant return of the TNT Ramblers

Saturday night we are delighted to be featuring Ilsa & The Substitutes!

Sunday night we'll be presenting Carl & Tom's acoustic showcase with special guest Carolyn Messina!

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Church Street Jazz Crusaders....

... debuted their Monday night gig tonight at the Church Street Summer Music Fest!

Featuring master players Gino Phipps, Charlie Jones & Bruce Tyler, the CSJ Crusaders will be bringing their chops to Church Street every Monday.  Tonight's sets were the kinda stuff dreams are made of... No foolin'

Put this gig on your calendar

Charlie Jones, Gino Phipps & Bruce Tyler

Live Music Tonight!

Tonight we kick off Monday nights at the Church Street Music Fest with the Gino Phipps Jazz Revue featuring Charlie Jones, Bruce Tyler & Matt Raymond
Charlie & Gino at Studio 12... photo by Meg

Also this week:

Jerry Garcia's 70th Birthday party on Wednesday night
Jerry in 1965

Jefferson Newman on Thursday night
Jefferson, 4th of July, 2011

Saturday night is Andrew Klewan & Off the Wagon

Sunday night Carl Croce & Tom Picard present Rich Baron

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Music-Fest & Open Mic Wednesday

Whatta great season as Cheryl, Meg & Greg take the Church Street Music-Fest to the street... Live music Wednesday thru Monday! Check out the new show listings.....
Carrie Cantor, Andrew Klewan & Bob Cannon

Meg, Kennedy, Good old guy, Tim & Bob all livin' large!

Indian Trail

Monday, July 2, 2012

Guitar Fireworks

Studio 12 will be in session, as always, this Wednesday, July 4th.... sign ups open at 8:00

Old Home Week at The Studio

.... and Michael (Shutterbug Slim) Reitman was here to snap a few....
My old piano teacher & young Dad, Lauren Spinelli, playing his signature tune
My Mom, Frances, looking on as Tom Picard & I play Evil Ways with Dad.... Meg Beattie Patrick (out of the frame) wailed it!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Church Street Saturday Night

It was a scene Saturday night & Meg Beattie Patrick got some great pics:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Facebook Doesn't Suck

So I'm checking out my album on Facebook & I find this pic..... Cheryl & Ed, Greg & Joe at the Carter Barnraising.... Great shot, Meg!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Church Street Summer Music Fest Calendar is Out!

Thanks to Meg Beattie Patrick & Julian Keenan for their rock n' roll efforts putting together another sensational summer schedule!
Tim Kennedy & Dave Sobel (and special guests) will be performing Thursday, 6/7/12

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Outdoor Music Starts Tonight!

It's gonna be a perfect evening as the Church Street Summer Music Fest Kicks off tonight with Meg Beattie Patrick & special guest Joshua Sanders. Flamenco Friday, The Levins on Saturday, Grey's Light Sunday and a very special Parents Who Rock / Montclair Patch fundraiser on Monday from 12 - 4 for the Carter family who were left homeless by a Mother's Day fire.

Grey's Light - Kennedy Grey & Luke Michura

Friday, May 18, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Sign

Photo by Meg

Monday, April 16, 2012


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3/28/79 - Where Were You 33 Years Ago?

 (A sight return)..... 32 years, 11 months & 2 weeks (or so) ago I wrapped up a two year stint living and working in the inner circle, map below.  My first management job running a pizza, subs & chicken parm shop in Middletown, with a cute little sweat equity piece... the guys from TMI got meal vouchers for OT we were thatclose.

This was during the hiatus between the two halves of my Penn State career.  By early '79, I realized the limitations of working for someone else's family business.  So I hied on back to Happy Valley a coupla weeks before the meltdown and moved out to the second circle, map below.

I was just settling back in at Penn State when the disaster occurred (what we used to call it before 9/11).  It was a scary damn thing.  My brother was still running the sister restaurant in Elizabethtown, just outside the first circle, top map....
I spoke on the phone with Claudia Hegenstaller & Donna Beaver with whom I'd worked (I can't believe I remember their names!).  Both living in Royalton... right on the Susquehanna, literally a few hundred yards from the power plant... Donna a single mom with two or three little ones.  The conversations were, basically, WTF do you do?  Still don't know.

The apocalyptic vibe was over-powering..... Jackson and Bruce did a concert.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kennedy's Birthday!

Photo: Michael (Shutterbug Slim) Reitman

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Famous Flan & More

Lots going on this week:

Last night Tapastry's Flan won an award......

Tomorrow's Studio 12 Open mic should have a crowd as the Spring like weather should have everyone in a good mood.
Gene Phipps

Thursday night Tapastry will feature our good friend Bob Cannon in our main dining room...

Friday brings back Romeria Flamenca

Saturday night we will feature our amigos from Compas...

.... and the week wraps up on Sunday with Tapastry favorites Tom Picard & Carl Croce's in their acoustic showcase.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sadie Hawkins Day at Studio 12

Put on your best bib & tucker and come on out for the fun!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012