Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The GINA Foundation presents the International Squeaky Wheel Tour at Studio 12 Tonight

Jannel Rap

The Squeaky Wheel Tour® is an annual, internationally acclaimed concert series created by the GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation, which raises awareness for the staggering number of people who vanish every year. The GINA FOUNDation and subsequently the Squeaky Wheel® Tour was created by Jannel Rap in honor of her sister, Gina Bos. Both musicians, Gina mysteriously disappeared from Lincoln, Nebraska 12 years ago on October 17, 2000 after a performance. Her car was found the next day with her guitar in the trunk, but there was no sign of Gina. She has never been seen again. Jannel realized during her attempts to find her own sister that so many families were facing the same hurdles - their loved ones simply vanishing with little or no drama to gain the much-needed, ongoing attention and interest of the media for the disappearance of that person. Jannel had to do something to change that. In 2001, she launched the SWT® and GINA FOUNDation. More than 1,100 missing persons featured in the various events and programs of GINA have been found because of the collective efforts of cooperating nonprofits, law enforcement, artists, families of the missing and the media that support this much needed work. The Squeaky Wheel® Tour brings awareness to the missing. The public supporting the events are the critical factor that helps to bring the tips in for law enforcement to assist in finding the missing.

Families of the missing not only suffer the loss of their loved ones and financial, emotional and mental hardships, but they find it difficult or next to impossible to gain media attention when there is nothing new in their loved one’s case. The Squeaky Wheel® Tour’s effort helps to bridge the gap by partnering with artists and nonprofits world-wide to bring local attention to local missing. Please join us in this effort to help the families.

Artists and entertainers that have contributed to GINA/SWT include Maroon 5, Karen Black,Gloria Loring, Little Feat, Barry Zito, Richie McDonald, Los Angeles Sparks Basketball, Meatloaf, Ted Lange and countless indie artists. In Canada, the band Conscience has joined the SWT® as well as Canadian Icon Bif Naked and celebrated Cellist Kiki Mizumi. Joy Smith, a Member of Parliament and outspoken advocate in addressing Canada’s role in the trafficking of humans world-wide is a tour spokesperson along with actresses Tantoo Cardinal and Leah Pinsent.
During the events performers spotlight specific missing persons in the event area, giving details of the events leading up to the disappearance. Attendees may take a flyer to post throughout their community. A more extensive list of the missing in our area may be found at

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