Monday, July 30, 2012

The Church Street Jazz Crusaders....

... debuted their Monday night gig tonight at the Church Street Summer Music Fest!

Featuring master players Gino Phipps, Charlie Jones & Bruce Tyler, the CSJ Crusaders will be bringing their chops to Church Street every Monday.  Tonight's sets were the kinda stuff dreams are made of... No foolin'

Put this gig on your calendar

Charlie Jones, Gino Phipps & Bruce Tyler

Live Music Tonight!

Tonight we kick off Monday nights at the Church Street Music Fest with the Gino Phipps Jazz Revue featuring Charlie Jones, Bruce Tyler & Matt Raymond
Charlie & Gino at Studio 12... photo by Meg

Also this week:

Jerry Garcia's 70th Birthday party on Wednesday night
Jerry in 1965

Jefferson Newman on Thursday night
Jefferson, 4th of July, 2011

Saturday night is Andrew Klewan & Off the Wagon

Sunday night Carl Croce & Tom Picard present Rich Baron

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Music-Fest & Open Mic Wednesday

Whatta great season as Cheryl, Meg & Greg take the Church Street Music-Fest to the street... Live music Wednesday thru Monday! Check out the new show listings.....
Carrie Cantor, Andrew Klewan & Bob Cannon

Meg, Kennedy, Good old guy, Tim & Bob all livin' large!

Indian Trail

Monday, July 2, 2012

Guitar Fireworks

Studio 12 will be in session, as always, this Wednesday, July 4th.... sign ups open at 8:00

Old Home Week at The Studio

.... and Michael (Shutterbug Slim) Reitman was here to snap a few....
My old piano teacher & young Dad, Lauren Spinelli, playing his signature tune
My Mom, Frances, looking on as Tom Picard & I play Evil Ways with Dad.... Meg Beattie Patrick (out of the frame) wailed it!