Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3/28/79 - Where Were You 33 Years Ago?

 (A sight return)..... 32 years, 11 months & 2 weeks (or so) ago I wrapped up a two year stint living and working in the inner circle, map below.  My first management job running a pizza, subs & chicken parm shop in Middletown, with a cute little sweat equity piece... the guys from TMI got meal vouchers for OT we were thatclose.

This was during the hiatus between the two halves of my Penn State career.  By early '79, I realized the limitations of working for someone else's family business.  So I hied on back to Happy Valley a coupla weeks before the meltdown and moved out to the second circle, map below.

I was just settling back in at Penn State when the disaster occurred (what we used to call it before 9/11).  It was a scary damn thing.  My brother was still running the sister restaurant in Elizabethtown, just outside the first circle, top map....
I spoke on the phone with Claudia Hegenstaller & Donna Beaver with whom I'd worked (I can't believe I remember their names!).  Both living in Royalton... right on the Susquehanna, literally a few hundred yards from the power plant... Donna a single mom with two or three little ones.  The conversations were, basically, WTF do you do?  Still don't know.

The apocalyptic vibe was over-powering..... Jackson and Bruce did a concert.

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