Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Open Mic Wednesday Night

Studio 12 open mic is every Wednesday night and this week is no exception. Food & drinks open at 7:30. Sign-up starts at 8:00.

This week's big news is that Alma S has been relentlessly busting my chops to create a Studio 12 blog.... Well, here it is..... Kudos to Alma for dragging me kicking & screaming into the 21st century.

The big turnout at the geezer reunion two weeks ago must have really blistered a few fingers as last week's turnout was light... Actually turned out to be more of a jam. Brett, Michael, Yossi, John K, Pancakes, Tim & I had a blast. The audience seemed to enjoy himself.

The pic above is a veritable who's who of the local open mic scene... Pete (runs the Fine Grind OM), Meg (ran the Church Street OM last year), Jan (runs Jiggs's OM) & Ilsa (runs Tierney's OM). I'm wanna be just like them someday. Historical note: also pictured is the PA from the late lamented Montclair Center Stage.

This week's musical birthdays include Nilsson, Wilson (Brian, that is) and Ray Davies.

Arugula, Chicken Marsala, Boneless Short Ribs, Farfalle, Panna Cotta & whatever else (and whatever preparation) the spirit moves me will be on the menu.



  1. Boy, do I LOVE when my nagging works! Hear that ladies? Nagging DOES work!!! Congrats and good luck, Greg!

  2. Alma,You should re-read "The Monkey's Paw"