Monday, September 27, 2010

Notes from the Old Northwest

Adam Turbiner, architect of the Summer of Ovation
here at Studio 12 just checked in....

"I've been  thinking about all of ya’ll over these few weeks out on the road.  I’m at a nice RV park in Wisconsin…. I’m just outside of Dubuque, Iowa which is just across the Mississippi River.  Things are good, but I miss home and all you really groovy-cats at Studio 12.  Say hi to everyone for me and hope to see you in about another 60 days…" Adam 

And we miss you, too!
Hmmmm... 60 days.... Sounds like a Thanksgiving bash on November 24. 


  1. The homecoming of Adam, The Architect of The Summer Of Ovation, will be a great Thanksgiving treat for many!!! Thanks for posting, Greg!

  2. Well... Thanksgiving turned into New Year's Eve!