Monday, December 13, 2010

Back Story, Part 4: Lawyers, Guns & Finnegan

Haven't said a word about John Finnegan's music yet....

John started his gig at 12 Church Street in winter 2005 with Mike & Kenny.  We had live music prior to that but, when Finnegan started playing, all of a sudden people started showing up for the music.

In the local music scene John Finnegan is Montclair's answer to Reggie Jackson, the straw that stirs the drink. When Finnegan plays you know that a whole cast of characters too numerous to name will be invited onto the stage to play.

Finnegan is a masterful performer but, more so, he has an off hand seemingly effortless ability to stage manage on the fly and bring the best out of the players around him.

As my coach once said, "I'm glad he's on our team".

John can be seen & heard at Studio 12, various other open mics and with the f c band at Fitzgerald's and other fine area venues.


  1. Apparently your coach never said, "I'm glad *you're* on our team!"


  2. Yep.... but I always got playing time....

  3. john doesn't strike out nearly as much as reggie. also he doesn't play for a detestable team.