Monday, April 11, 2011

Goddess Sighting at Studio 12

Sunday, April 3, the Friends of Japan held a benefit fundraiser featuring the Goddesses of Rock.  What a divine evening!  A special shout out to Alma Schneider and Alisa Harmon for organizing this wonderful event.

Our friend Michael Reitman was there with his camera....
Aviva Patz

Ellen Paretti, Alma Schneider & Tim O'Connor

Alisa Harmon with Rickman

Meg Beattie Patrick, Ilsa Rodriguez & Laura Birdsong backed by Greg Spinelli & Bru Rossman

Ellen Paretti, Jessica Henry & Tim O'Connor
Carrie Cantor with Bob Cannon & Bru Rossman (not pictured)

Adrienne Riofrio backed by John Acevedo

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  1. What a great day and night of fundraising for Japan. Thank you again, Greg, for sharing your space with us!