Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glen Campbell & Roy Clark Will Not be at Studio 12

But Ovation Guitars will be.

Adam Turbiner of Ovation Guitars will be joining us this week with a few of his guitars. I am told that any interested guitarist will be able to perform with one of these babies.

Maybe we can get Bob Cannon to reprise his cover of Wichita Lineman...

Doors open at 7:45


  1. wish I could join in after a long time away...but it doesn't look good for me tomorrow night. Save an Ovation for me thogh will you?


  2. your absence has not gone unnoticed.... was it the exploding capo?

  3. Just noticed the time stamp on posts above. apparently studio 12 has been swallowed by the pacific space time continuum.... Mr. La Forge!