Friday, July 23, 2010

Maiden Post Redux

This pic is a veritable who's who of the local open mic scene... Pete (runs the Fine Grind OM), Meg (ran the Church Street OM), Laura (longtime local favorite) & Ilsa (runs Tierney's OM). I wanna be just like them someday. Historical note: also pictured is the PA from the late lamented Montclair Center Stage.

When I put my first post up, galactic yenta Alma immediately tagged me back and quoth "Where's the pic, dummy?" (I paraphrase). So, I put up the only pic I had at the time, i.e., that above.

A couple of nights ago when I was waxing particularly blogulous, I took stock of previous posts and edited my first effort to include the top paragraph above. Upon reflection, I could not have come up with a more propitious first pic to post... Unthinkingly, I wrapped Studio 12 in the mantle of a bunch of open mic heroes.


  1. Greg - great pic, but that's me, not Jan -- during my blond phase. Pete's playing my Santa Cruz. That's what clued me in -- I recognized my guitar first!

  2. No wonder!!! Jan kept saying she couldn't remember what we sang and couldn't quite place the night in memory. Neither could any of us! But we all commented how cute she looked in her purple top in this shot! I guess the blonde hair plus the purple screamed "Jan Loe"!

  3. Well, what a fine kettle of fish this is... Laura, thanks for the sharp eyes.