Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back Story, Part 3: Cookin' in the Kitchen

Carrie Cantor & Greg Spinelli
After Jan Loe pulled her Johnny Appleseed routine, Carrie & I were the gig at (pre-Studio) 12 Church Street.  We started out playing on the first floor in front of the northeast window of the restaurant crammed in between the booths.

One night, a year or two later, Cheryl gave her blessing to moving the furniture in the northwest window to make a more spacious performance area.  Not to miss an opportunity, I showed up at 7 am, power tools in hand & re-configured the dining room.  I was the recipient of a serious WTF when Cheryl arrived to open lunch.

The larger "stage" created a much more appealing performance space & opened the door to an expanded cast of characters, i.e.musicians, to join in on the fun.  At about that point, the music / jam night seemed worthy of a name & was thusly dubbed Cookin' in the Kitchen.

Photo by Michael (The Right Man) Reitman....

PS - Desperately Seeking Susan.... Meg has loaned a Yamaha PSR-4000 to Studio 12.... Help!!!  We need a tutorial.  all replys confidential....


  1. What a great photo!! And you are a wonderful writer! One day I will make it to this darn open mic! Maybe when my youngest turns 18 :-(

  2. Alma... you are getting drowsy... look into my eyes... repeat after me.... Bay Bee Sit Ter... Bay Bee Sit Ter... Bay Bee Sit Ter...