Thursday, February 10, 2011

Studio Pics from Meg & Michael

Pancakes on his birthday - photo by Michael Reitman

New guy Matt - photo by Michael Reitman

Luke Mature - photo by Michael Reitman

Yossi Shoham, Ed Oertzen, Tim Tansey, Greg Spinelli, Michael Williams - photo by Meg Beattie Patrick

Yossi has generously volunteered to audio record performances at Studio 12 in the second week of March.  From these recordings he will produce a Studio 12 CD which we will sell to the benefit of a local charity, yet to be specified.

As it is anticipated that demand for these recorded slots will be high, please email me at to express your interest in participating.  So far, artwork for the CD cover has not been addressed.... if you have any bright ideas, please let me know.

Charlie Potters & Bob Cannon - photo by Meg Beattie Patrick


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  2. "Luke Mature"--I love it!


    See more pix of Luke Mature here: