Thursday, February 3, 2011

Studio 12 Live Saturday Night

Studio 12 is a production of Church Street Catering (Cheryl & Greg).  Usually we cater private parties on Saturday night in the space we all know & love as Studio 12.  On the occasional Saturday night when  the room is dark, Studio 12 will rise up for a Saturday night edition.

This Saturday, 2/5/11, is one such.....

Officially, it's a Bob Marley Birthday Tribute (2/6/45)...

...more Birthdays: 
Graham Nash (2/2/42), Alice Cooper (2/4/48), Al Kooper (2/5/44), Axl Rose (2/6/62).

$10 Dinner Buffet will include: Home-made Chicken Soup, Organic Salad, Slow-Roasted Beef w/ Mushroom Sauce and Fudge Brownies with White Chocolate Mousse.

Important: One of our friends has offered to record performances on Wednesday, 3/2/11.  And... produce a Studio 12 CD... Let's plan accordingly.


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