Monday, February 28, 2011

Recording Info & Meg Shoots Duos

Chuck Hayden & Marge Bowman

The Studio 12 Sessions 
Will be recorded March 9
Yossi Shoham has generously volunteered to audio record performances at Studio 12.

From these recordings he will produce a Studio 12 CD which we will sell to the benefit of a yet to be named charity...

Free CD to the winner of Name That Charity!

Ilsa Rodriguez & Bru Rossman

If you have signed up
Please stop in this week, March 2, with pre-production specs including:

- Two songs selected;
- Solo or combo performance; 
- If combo, specify names of musicians & instruments.
- Time slot preference (no promises).
    Charlie Potters & Bob Cannon

    If you have not signed up
    Please let me know ASAP.  There is probably still room for one or two more

    Current Sign-up List
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