Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Encore Ovation

Our good friend Adam is baa-aack!

Adam with 'merely a flesh wound' Ovation

The Front Story
This Wednesday, Adam Turbiner will be at Studio 12 with a few of his beautiful Ovation Guitars which, btw, will be available to play.  Be sure to ask him about emptying a few clips into a perfectly good axe in search of the ultimate guitar torture test.

The Back Story
Adam Turbiner first graced our doors last year in July, when he launched a series of Ovation Guitar nights all through the summer that was.  We all got to play some nice guitars while Adam recorded performances & kissed the girls (none of whom cried as far as I can tell).  In the autumn, Adam took his show on the road to spread the Gospel of Kaman unto the benighted souls huddled in the hinterlands of our great country. 

Upon his return to the civilized confines of the garden spot of the Garden State, Adam repaired forthwith to Studio 12.  Who can forget his dramatic New Year's Eve entrance through the stage right window?  Welcome home Adam!

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